Candidate Experience, another way to make you different

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Why is it so important to give candidates a good experience during their selection process?

At some point in our working life, we have found ourselves in the situation of looking for a job, and finding the desired position and for which we have been preparing, or simply for wanting to make a change, we send our curriculum hopefully to receive a response from Recruitment, regardless of whether the answer is positive or negative, just know if we have the opportunity to start a process or not.

From this point, start the candidate experience. And what does this mean? This refers to the experience that the candidate lives in a selection process, from when he is applying for the vacancy until his job offer is made. And, this is one of the least contemplated factors for recruitment / human resources, being one of the most important. Since, depending on how the candidate experience is, it is the reputation that you will give your company with the potential talent and will influence the decision making to apply or accept an offer.

Let's avoid the sour taste

The most common complaint of candidates when they apply for a vacancy is that companies don't give them feedback. Responding to each candidate's request is the easiest way to resolve this complaint. But creating a good recruiting candidate experience means more than that. It implies a change of mentality that focuses on respecting the candidates' time and treating them as what they are, persons.

A bad experience for a candidate, for example, is that you start the process with that person and the follow-up that you give him since he starts is very scarce. Do not give him negative or positive feedback and be forgotten. It happens, which often rejects it, either the client or the technical evaluator and is never notified or only a fairly general feedback is sent without specifying in what it failed. Here the candidate has already had a bad time, and it is very likely that he tells his teammates and does not recommend the company simply because of his selection process. And not only will you lose very good profiles that could have worked quite well, but you also give a bad reputation.

It is essential that when you are going to send a feedback, especially if it is negative, you will be told in which the candidate went wrong, in this way you can know your areas of opportunity and get to work on it, otherwise, the candidate only will be left with a bad taste and with the uncertainty of not knowing in what he failed. In case of not receiving very detailed feedback from the evaluators, we turn to them, to be able to give the complete information to our talent. This must be seen as a win-win, the candidate is better prepared and you as a company should have better-prepared people, right ?.

For a transparent process

Transparency in a selection process is vital, and it is very important that it be by both parties, recruitment and candidates.

On the part of the candidate, the ideal is that he mentions his expectations, both economic and of the company, his goals and professional objectives in the short and medium-term and that he is sincere with his knowledge.

On the part of recruitment, you must disclose all the information that you are allowed to provide, and this ranges from culture to the possible economic offer since, in this way, it facilitates the decision making of your candidates.

How can I improve my candidate experience?

There are several important points that I want to share with you, which will help you a lot to improve your candidate experience within your recruitment process.

  • Make sure you're hiring to fill a real need
  • Write clear job descriptions
  • Make it easy for candidates to apply to your jobs
  • Follow-up early and often
  • Communicate with (and thank) candidates during each step of the hiring process
  • Give candidates information about what to expect at in-person interviews
  • Give candidates your full attention at interviews
  • Tell candidates if you're no longer considering them, as soon as you can
  • If you want to keep certain candidates in mind for future openings, keep track of them
  • Be open to giving (and receiving) feedback

A good candidate experience will make candidates feel good about your company after seeing how you treated them from the beginning. A good experience for the candidate can make him anxious to share his good experience with others, which will help build your reputation and therefore you will have more people interested in your talent brand. On the other hand, the consequence of a bad experience, could be to lose the respect of your candidates as much as employer as well as brand.

Author: Dulce Sanchez