Importance and impact of soft skills in the workplace

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Surely many of you already know what soft skills are, but do you know the importance and positive impact they have in the workplace? Let's talk a little about the subject.

Years ago, in the personnel selection processes only intellectual qualities were taken into account, such as work experience, a university degree, etc., among more, it is better, and of course it is a significant factor, however this is no longer the most important thing when selecting the ideal candidate.

Remember that soft skills are interpersonal skills that, unlike the technical skills that can be learned, these are part of you and your personality and are acquired and forged in your day to day by different situations - I can not teach you to be a nice person, or are you or are not -. These personal qualities refer to the emotional and social perspective, which help us to know the value of teamwork, to better integrate into teams, to know how to solve difficult situations in both personal and work life and help us to be flexible to change and adapt better to the culture of a company and our partners. Companies have long since become more aware that people are more than just intellect or "resources" as many call them, and that they can contribute beyond their perspective thanks to their soft skills.

In the IT industry, as a recruiter I have had the opportunity to meet many people through the selection process and I have realized that many people, especially in the engineering area, have communication problems, that is, they have a hard time being sociable, many times they don't know how to express their ideas or what they want to tell me or they behave too "uninterested" even when they apply to the positions by themselves. Personally, I have no problem with that, because I fully understand that we all have different personalities and that not by “looking good” or “falling well” you will stop being yourself. However, I think that an important point here is not to let our personality "introverted" to let us miss a great opportunity, whether to get a new job, to get the promotion in your current job or be taken into a new project. Let's not forget that it is our soft skills that help us interact with people, achieve our goals and stand out as professionals.

Speaking in the work context, specifically in the selection of personnel, after reviewing the curriculum of two candidates, having both the same experience and knowledge, what makes me as recruiter make the best decision to continue the process? The attitude. This behavior is one of the most important factors, since someone with a positive attitude is usually eager to exploit their potential to the fullest, they are flexible people to change and eager to learn and contribute. Having an attitude of service is often a priority for both parties (recruiter / candidate) as it is the first impression we have of each one.

And that's it? Do my soft skills only help me when I am in the selection process?

No, these skills help us when we want to increase both economically and in our job and/or be considerate for work projects. Since our direct bosses or leaders, seeing our technical performance as well as our soft skills such as communication, teamwork, growth attitude, empathy, sociables, among others, choose to give us the opportunity to improve in these areas, since in this way we are contributing more than we imagine. It is said that 75% of success in long-term work has more to do with soft skills than with the intellectual capacity of a worker.

Here I share the 10 soft skills that will make a difference in 2020. According to the latest report 'Trends in the work environment 2020: the skills of the future', carried out by Udemy for Business, these are:

  1. Development mentality. The attitude of wanting to grow and improve constantly is a very important value within an organization. Developing the field of motivation and self-esteem improves our performance and productivity at work as well as the environment in the company.

  2. Creativity Bringing a creative, original and differential touch in every action we do every day is essential to differentiate ourselves from the rest. Creativity is what allows any project not to be forgotten.

  3. Concentration capacity. Knowing how to focus your attention on something you like and enjoy doing is also a way to let our creativity flow.

  4. Innovation Being able to have new ideas, developed in an original way and that represent an advance with what has already been established, is an advantage for any work team.

  5. Communication. Not only is it important to have a good idea, it is also equally important to be able to communicate it correctly and to know how to highlight the strengths of any campaign or activity we carry out.

  6. Storytelling. The ability to tell a story in an attractive, differential way, relying on different audiovisual resources and keeping the audience hooked from beginning to end is a fundamental quality in the different teams of an organization

  7. Awareness of different cultures. When living in an increasingly global world, it is common for more and more organizations to have employees of different nationalities, with different backgrounds and circumstances. Knowing how to work efficiently among all is a differential advantage for any employee.

  8. Critical thinking. Having the ability to analyze, understand and evaluate each campaign, with its different phases and results, is what makes anyone have the possibility to continue improving and advancing in their career.

  9. Leadership. In any work team there must be the figure of a leader who is responsible for bringing to fruition any project or activity that is carried out in a company.

  10. Emotional intelligence. Employees with people skills, empathy and communication skills are more likely to succeed, especially in fields such as sales, customer service or management.

With this I would like to finish, and emphasize the importance of these skills, which if we try to apply them will make us stand out among many. So, I invite you all to put them into practice, let's try to be open people, to know how to listen and communicate, to respect the different opinions and points of view of those around us, let's be analytical with each situation, let's put our creativity into practice, let's focus on something we like, and do not forget to have empathy for others, because we never know why difficult situations are happening and still show us a good face, and if you already have them I am sure that you will be outstanding in many areas of your life.

*“ Any human being has the ability to alter their perception of life, altering their attitudes. “ *

Author: Dulce Sanchez