Helping our Youth with Salesforce and Twilio

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  • platform enables this Nonprofit that helps juveniles get back on track.
  • Twilio integration for an advanced notification system that ensures appointments are not missed.
  • Custom integration with website to allow probation officers, juveniles, and their parents to keep track of probation requirements.


Our youth is our future. JuviGAP is making a difference in our youth with help from Software Allies and the platform.


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3 Months

Team Composition

Team Members
Project Manager 1 Salesforce Developer 1 Tester 1


Our customer —JuviGAP— is a Nonprofit ministry committed to administratively supporting juvenile offenders during their probationary period. When a juvenile offender is released from detention, there is a lot of administrative scheduling that must be maintained for them to successfully complete their probation. has been customized and integrated with JuviGAP's website and the Twilio service to help ensure that these youth get back on track.

Business Goals

  • To create a robust platform for managing juvenile offenders and their probation requirements.
  • To allow probation officers, youths, and their parents to enroll youths in the JuviGAP system through the website.
  • To help youths maintain their scheduled appointments by sending email and text reminders.


  • was chosen as the central system to manage all that JuviGAP does. It was chosen for its proven reliability, the ability to customize and integrate the system, and for’s great offerings to Nonprofits. Software Allies worked together with JuviGAP to create a highly customized system that is dependable and easy to use.
  • Using Heroku and Ruby on Rails, the JuviGAP website was integrated with so that youths can be entered into the system with ease and any changes to their probation schedule or requirements can be updated.
  • An integration with Twilio was created using Apex Classes and the Twilio API. The probation requirements influence what text and email reminders are sent to the parents and youths. Reminders include notifications for meetings with probation officers, court hearings, and even bible verses can be sent on a schedule to make a positive impact on the youth and to help make sure they complete their probation successfully.

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