QA & Testing

Our team works relentlessly to build quality into every application we work with. Our testing services can be applied to any project along the entire development life cycle.

Quality is not an act.
It is a habit.’


We’ve got you covered. Our testing options will ensure the highest level of quality for your applications.

Automated Testing

We provide high quality automated testing services for your applications. We have experience implementing automated testing solutions for a wide variety of technologies. Automated testing can help your company save time and money.

Exploratory Test

Good use of Exploratory Testing helps to find critical defects very quickly. Our team of expert testers will help you guarantee the quality of your desktop, mobile and web applications.

Regressing Test

Regression Testing helps to find bugs that could be caused by integrating new features or making modifications. Our custom made test cases make this process easier, and ensure that your applications continue working perfectly.

We deliver testing services for a full spectrum of desktop, mobile, and web technologies.

Acceptance mobile

Mobile applications are critical in today’s world where more and more people are accessing applications with a mobile device.  It is increasingly important that your mobile application works correctly on any device, operating system, or screen resolution.  We offer the most comprehensive testing plans for both native and web applications.


We ensure the quality of your web application by creating tailor-made testing plans to certify the proper behavior of your application, including: functionality, usability, interface, compatibility, performance, and security.


We can provide a testing plan that best fits the characteristics of your desktop application to ensure every component is working properly and as intended. We have the most robust testing plan for your application, from UI testing to hardware compatibility testing.

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