Powered Platform for Buying and Selling Trade Show Displays

  • Highly Scalable Website Built on Heroku and Integrated with
  • Used Exhibit Platform for Sellers to list their old exhibits and track views, inquiries, and more.
  • Marketing Automation based on Website Activity and Salesforce Sales Activity.


Business Process Automation, Content & Document Management, Integrations, Marketing Automation, Mobility, Web and Enterprise Portals


ECommerce is a premier turnkey exhibit solutions provider that offers the most comprehensive breadth of trade show exhibits and exhibit related services on the internet today. Software Allies has worked with to create a powerful and engaging platform for buying and selling exhibits and exhibit services by leveraging Heroku,, and a leading Marketing Automation system.


10 months

Team Composition

1 Javascript Developer, 1 Project Manager, 1 Ruby on Rails Developer, 1 Salesforce Developer, 1 Tester


AWS, Appexchange, HTML5, CSS, Heroku, Javascript, Rails, Salesforce


Our customer - - offers an immense inventory of New, Rental and Pre-Owned trade show displays solutions, combined with award winning exhibit and graphic design capabilities and turnkey exhibit support services. Together we created a beautiful website that is very scalable and supports the breadth of inventory and services offers.

Business Goals

  • To create a new platform that uses modern technologies and provides a great user experience with engaging content and marketing.
  • To ensure the platform is scalable and robust enough to support the inventory and services that offers, as well as increased website traffic.
  • To easily manage content, exhibit inventory, blog posts, and more.
  • To leverage a tightly integrated marketing platform to engage with website visitors in a more meaningful way.


  • Software Allies needed to create a new solution with in the center.  Using's vast experience in their industry and experience with their old CRM and website, we worked closely together to design their ideal system.  We created a new website with a responsive web design, using a leading front end Javascript framework, sitting on top of Ruby on Rails.  With Heroku as the hosting service, the website can be easily scaled to keep up with website traffic.
  • The new website is tightly integrated with  Every inventory listing and website activity is synced with so that they can easily manage their content and their sales personnel can react to what each visitor is showing interest in.  We also used Contentful to manage content for pages and blog posts.
  • is also tightly integrated with a leading Marketing Automation platform.  This allows's marketing personnel to easily create marketing journeys based on website activity.  With the bread of inventory and services offers, they needed a way to engage with visitors in a personalized way.  When a website visitor views a particular category of listings or submits a form for a particular service, is able to stay engaged with that visitor long after they leave their website.

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