Utility Meter Reading Mobile Application using Bluetooth

  • Mobile application with Bluetooth communication to utility meters
  • Integration to a cloud based system to sync meter data.


Integrations, Mobility, Web and Enterprise Portals


Energy and Sustainability

Kemp-Meek Manufacturing

Kemp-Meek makes intelligent, communicating metering solutions for the utility markets. Kemp-Meek's Electronic Meter Reading systems allow utilities to automate a substantial portion of their meter reading and billing functions. Software Allies worked together with Kemp-Meek to create a mobile application that communicates with their proprietary meter solutions using Bluetooth and syncs meter readings to a cloud based solution they offer their clients.


12 months

Team Composition

2 Android Developer, 1 Project Manager, 1 Tester


Android, Bluetooth


Our customer —Kemp-Meek Manufacturing — is an industry leader in automated meter reading. They manufacturer data acquisition devices for applications in a diversity of industries including automated vending. Software Allies helped Kemp-Meek Manufacturing to create their mobile application, called Velocity, to tie their custom meter reading devices to their cloud based account management and billing solution. This solution has radically changed the way utility companies work by improving their efficiency and reducing costs.

Business Goals

  • To create a mobile application that reads in meter data using the Bluetooth protocol.
  • To integrate the mobile application to a cloud based account management and billing solution.


  • Software Allies created a mobile application for Android phones and tablets that interfaces with the meter reading devices using the Bluetooth protocol. Meter readings are synced to the mobile application to determine how much usage has occurred since the last reading.
  • The mobile application is able to sync to the cloud based account management and billing solution at the end of the day. Utility companies can then easily create invoices based on usage for each account/meter.

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