After School Program Locator and Attendance Application

  • Geolocation for Afterschool Programs using data.
  • Attendance tracking application for various programs, teachers, students, etc.
  • Custom reporting for attendance tracking.


Integrations, Mobility, Web and Enterprise Portals



Dallas After School

Dallas Afterschool works to provide every family access to the quality afterschool and summer programs they want for their children. Software Allies works closely with Dallas Afterschool to improve program information available to parents, allow parents to find programs more easily, and to create solutions that improve the after school programs that have partnered with Dallas Afterschool.


6 months

Team Composition

1 Project Manager, 1Salesforce Developer, 1 Tester


HTML5, Heroku, Javascript, Rails, Salesforce


Our customer —Dallas Afterschool— informs, trains, supports and evaluates afterschool sites that serve low-income youth in the Dallas area. Their goal is to help local afterschool sites achieve national quality standards for the benefit of the children they serve. Software Allies has helped to create elegant solutions for parents and the after school programs available in the Dallas area. Using and Heroku, we have created an easy to use, mobile ready site, that provides up to date, searchable information on quality afterschool programs in their area.

Business Goals

  • To create a locator tool for after school programs available n the Dallas area.
  • To create an attendance tracking application for the afterschool programs and teachers that works from any device.
  • To allow for easy reporting from attendance records based on roles.


  • Software Allies created a Geo-locator tool using Visualforce and the Google API to allow parents to search available programs in Dallas Afterschool’s database. This tool is embedded into the Dallas Afterschool website, making it publicly available to any parent searching for a program. Parent’s can feel good about the programs they are searching for because they have been evaluated by Dallas Afterschool before they are available in this tool.
  • The Heroku platform was used to create a Attendance application for the Afterschool programs and teachers. Teachers can easily track students and their attendance using this mobile ready application. Each program can manage different locations, teachers and classes to ensure that attendance is tracked properly.
  • A custom reporting solution was built to pull reports based on roles and business needs. A teach can pull reports for their classes, administrators can pull reports for their entire program, and Dallas Afterschool can look at the data as a whole

Customer Feedback

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