Volunteer Management Solution with Disaster Relief Mode

  • Migrated from several legacy systems to Salesforce.com with the Nonprofit starter pack.
  • Created a scalable and highly available web portal for volunteer events and disaster relief.


Mobility, Web and Enterprise Portals



Volunteer Now

Volunteer Now serves as the hub of volunteerism in North Texas. As a national thought leader in volunteerism and one of the largest volunteer centers in the country, Volunteer Now provides a wide range of programs and services that build capacity for nonprofits.


6 months

Team Composition

1 Project Manager, 2 Salesforce Developers, 1 Tester


AWS, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Salesforce


Our customer —Volunteer Now — needed to centralize their databases that they used across their different volunteer programs including Community Service Restitution, Donated Goods, Donor Management and Volunteer Event management. They needed a system that would support the thousands of volunteers that engage with VCNT. Software Allies worked with Volunteer Now to customize Salesforce.com to support all the different roles Volunteer Now plays to support their customers, partners, and volunteers. We built a robust web portal that supported various types of volunteer events and was easily scalable to support thousands of volunteers and times of disaster.

Business Goals

  • To centralize data into one secure and reliable database and improve data quality.
  • To automate processes and improve productivity throughout their various programs.
  • To support a growing number of Volunteer Agencies, Events and Volunteers.
  • To support an influx of volunteers and support local communities in times of disaster.


  • Software Allies customized Salesforce.com to support all the programs Volunteer Now offers and migrated data from legacy systems. We also helped Volunteer Now by provide data clean services and tools for their staff.
  • Processes and tasks were automated using Salesforce.com workflows and Apex triggers, allowing Volunteer Now’s staff to focus more on the community they support.
  • A web portal was built using Amazon Web Services and the PHP Cake framework to create a robust and scalable solution to manage hundreds of volunteer events and thousands of volunteers. The portal included a matchmaking service to allow volunteers to select certain interests and be matched to events that met their criteria.
  • The portal was designed to scale in the time of disaster. With a simple configuration change, Volunteer Now could notify and on board volunteers quickly to support disaster relief for hurricane victims and similar scenarios.

Customer Feedback

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