Advanced Analytics Platform for Energy & Sustainability Data

  • Gathering and consolidating data from utility companies, weather, smart devices, and more.
  • Elegant presentation of complex data to create actionable information.
  • Advanced monitoring system for early response to critical issues


Big Data & Business Intelligence, Business Process Automation, Integrations, Mobility, Web and Enterprise Portals


Energy & Sustainability


With a rapidly changing energy market and rising utility costs, owners, property managers, and service providers need to work closely together to build strategies for long term sustainability. Software Allies has worked together with Goby to create an advanced analytics solution that allows their customers and partners better insight and control over energy, water, waste, and more.


24 months

Team Composition

1 Javascript Developer, 1 Project Manager, 2 Salesforce Developers, 1 Tester


AWS, appexchange, HTML5, Javascript, Salesforce, Talend


Our customer —Goby— is an industry leader for providing actionable energy and sustainability data through their SeaSuite platform. Using the platform, Goby needed to provided their customers with better visualization of complex data, support for more data sources while improving existing ones, and meaningful automation around the collected data. The platform also needed to be easily accessible from any device. To deliver advanced energy and sustainability data to their clients, Goby has pushed the limits of Goby needed a partner with vast experience developing on the platform and a team that could innovate along side theirs. Software Allies was engaged to create a cutting edge solution for Goby and their customers and continues to work together with their team to enhance the platform.

Business Goals

  • To create a platform that effectively visualizes complex energy data and makes it actionable information.
  • To enhance the customer experience with a sleek and intuitive UI, including accessibility from mobile devices.
  • To improve existing integrations by collecting more data in smaller intervals and increase business intelligence by bringing in data from other sources.
  • To build automation into the platform allowing Goby’s customers and partners to successfully strategize long term sustainability and proactively work to reduce energy consumption.


  • Software Allies enhanced the system beyond the standard Reporting and Dashboards by leveraging the Analytics API. Using front end technologies like the D3 Javascript library, we worked with Goby to create stunning visual components that helps users make sense of their data.
  • Using the Salesforce Mobile SDK, Software Allies lead the charge in creating a mobile friendly version of the Seasuite application, bringing over the components that make the platform successful.
  • Our extensive experience with integrations enabled us to review existing integrations and enhance them for pulling in more data efficiently and reliably. Using tools like Talend, we created new integrations to improve the user experience and increase business intelligence.
  • Leveraging the power of, workflows and Apex triggers/classes were developed to provide meaningful automation for Goby’s customers and partners. For example, notifications are sent when energy usage is outside of the norm, allowing property managers to respond quickly to costly energy spikes.

Customer Feedback

"Loooove this team. Such a pleasure to work with. Our Software Allies team has excellent quality of work and communication skills. Not sure what we'd do without them!”

- Clare Teeling, Technical Analyst

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