Advanced RFID Inventory Tracking

  • Cloud based medical inventory management platform.
  • Integration with RFID technologies for tracking medical devices and implants from the manufacturer all the way to the operating room.


Business Process Automation, Integrations, Web and Enterprice Portals




Innovapaedics brings new ideas to the world of medical devices and implants. With the help of Software Allies, Innovapaedics continues to innovate and create solutions like their cloud based RFID inventory management system called Nimbus.


12 months

Team Composition

2 Java Developer, 1 Project Manager, 1 Tester



Our customer —Innovapaedics— is a technology development company that designs and markets medical devices related to mainstream and niche' surgical markets. Software Allies works together with Innovapaedics to integrate their devices with cloud based systems, mobile devices, and more. For this project we created a cloud based Inventory control system that integrates with on premise servers and RF devices. Innovapaedics devices are fitted with RFID tags and are tracked automatically from manufacturer to operating rooms.

Business Goals

  • To create a cloud based solution for tracking inventory for any medical device or implant with an RFID tag.
  • To create an on-premise solution using servers, RF antennas, and multiplexers to communicate with the cloud based system as devices are moved from manufacture, to store room, and finally to the operating room.
  • To create a smart shelf solution for chaotic warehousing.
  • To create a simple reconciliation process using hand held scanners and smart shelves.


  • Software Allies created a feature rich cloud based system for managing inventory. Roles and Permissions were created to allow Manufacturers, Distribution Centers, Hospital Staff, and more to manage inventory. Users can create new items, create locations/rooms, manage RF devices and assign them to locations/rooms, and much more.
  • An on-premise solution was needed to manage inventory at each location. A server runs an on-premise version of the inventory control system. RFID antennas and multiplexers communicate ingress and egress of inventory as they enter or leave a room to the on-premise server. The on-premise server is integrated with the cloud based solution, keeping inventory in check and allowing users to access the information from anywhere on any device.
  • A smart shelf solution was needed for chaotic warehousing. Using the same hardware, Software Allies created new logic for the Smart Shelf solution. Users can poll their smart shelves at any time and get real-time inventory counts for items stored on smart shelves. Polling can also be scheduled and notifications can be sent if an item is missing.
  • Inventory reconciliation can be a painstaking process, but with RFID it is made simple. A user can quickly scan an entire store room in just minutes without have to scan each individual item.

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