Application for Dental Practice Brokers

  • package for ADS Brokers throughout the US.
  • Custom integrations with websites to create & list practices, manage buyers & their interests, and more.
  • Automated process for lender referrals, buyer referrals, document tracking & signing, and more.
  • Better business intelligence with reporting & dashboards.


Business Process Automation, Content & Document Management, Integrations, Web and Enterprise Portals



ADS Texas

What started as a implementation for a single ADS broker in Texas, became a Appexchange package for all ADS brokers. Software Allies has worked with this group for several years and together we have created a highly customized add-on to to allow other brokers to implement new technologies and more efficient processes.


12 months

Team Composition

1 Project Manager, 2 Salesforce Developer, 1Tester, 1 PHP Developer


Microsoft .NET, appexchange, HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Salesforce


Our customer —ADS Texas— is a dental practice transition firm that specializes in dental practice appraisals, brokerage and sales services to dental practitioners at every stage of their professional careers. is at the center of their business and with our services it has greatly improved their business by centralizing their data, automating business processes, providing better insights through reporting & dashboard, and more.

Business Goals

  • To centralize data and automate business processes.
  • To integrate with websites, email, and other systems to improve data across systems and reduce manual entry.
  • To provide better insight into leads and opportunities.
  • To create a system that other ADS Brokers can use and take advantage of all the features of the platform.


  • Software Allies customized to fit the needs of ADS Texas. We migrated contacts from email and additional information from other legacy systems. Workflows were set up to automate processes, notify customers and partners, and much more.
  • Custom integrations were built to keep listing data synced up between Salesforce and external websites, making the hub for data entry, reporting, etc.
  • Leads and Opportunities were customized to track all the necessary data for sellers and their listings, potential buyers, what type of practices the buyers are interested in, and much more. Reports & Dashboards were created to make the data actionable.
  • After a few years of customizing and refining the instance for ADS Texas, we came together to create a package so that all ADS Brokers can use the platform and take advantage of all the great customizations that ADS Texas and Software Allies have made.

Customer Feedback

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